Our Values and Principles

London Wardrobes culture is built on our values and principles. Our purpose is different for each of the stakeholders involved with our business.

Our Mision

For our customers, the purpose is to ensure that customers are satisfied and that they receive the storage solution that they desire.

For the suppliers to our business, we seek those that have similar values and principles as well as the product and service they provide themselves.

For the local community that we operate in, we try to help achieve mutual benefits. These could be to help reduce the environmental effect we have in the area or to even help regenerate the area with the business we provide.


Our values consist of aiming to always provide the customer with the right option, and we endeavour to always make the right choices in business operations. We strive to set out what we initially plan to do without making changes, or if we have to make changes they would be as minimal as possible. We will always operate legally and under every law as we do not tolerate under any circumstances law breaking. We endeavour to treat everyone as equals and with the same amount of respect, whether you are the chief executive owner or a local household wishing to receive a quote for your kitchen. We also value being fair and offering products that customers want and need rather than whatever is available.


Our principles consist of building excellent connections and trust with customers by various means such as being professional and treating them with respect. We also recognise that not all customers are the same and, in fact, many are different when it comes to storage solutions.

Comprehensive Services
We endeavour to provide fantastic products with the corresponding service. We do this by avoiding providing any bad designs, and each will be individually assessed and calculated to provide the best storage solution for each individual. We will not simply grab one off the shelf. We aim to correctly install the product each and every time without failure, and do our best to maintain this. If there were any errors, we would be quick to apologise and correct any errors immediately.

Let's Work Together!

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