Sliding doors have become greatly popular in the modern world. Let us find out why using such doors is an excellent idea and what different varieties are available.

Why use sliding doors?
Sliding doors are great for a number of reasons. First of all, sliding doors look incredible in most modern houses. Secondly, sliding doors are very easy to use. Thirdly, sliding doors have the ability to work with different contemporary technologies to provide desired results. Fourthly, sliding doors make especially good additions to houses that are being remodelled. And there are many other good reasons to use sliding doors instead of using other kinds of doors.

Types of sliding doors
Now let us have a look at the various models of sliding doors that exist in the market:

Pocket doors
These doors slide on track horizontally. Typically, the track is fitted into the adjacent wall. This kind of doors does not compromise with space, and so, is great for freeing up space. In addition to that, pocket doors are really economical. Overall, these are best to use in small rooms, but large rooms can benefit from these also. Pocket doors are available in both single and double door styles. Note that pocket doors tend to be highly secure.

Bypass sliding doors
Mostly great for closets and pantries, these doors prevent unauthorized entry by closing off space totally. Bypass doors involve two pieces of doors which slide on each other. The first door slides behind the second door when opened.

Glass sliding doors
Glass sliding doors are the top choice of those who love natural light. Since these doors have the ability to create an expansive ambience by providing an open view to the outside world, many people love these doors more than they like any other style. Note that glass doors are mostly made using superb materials, and so, the doors have the ability to withstand immense force and pressure. Glass doors come in a variety of types. One of the strongest of types is called Arcadia doors.

Sonji sliding doors
Till now, these doors were only used in Japan and nearby parts. However, slowly, the popularity of sonji doors is spreading all over the world. These doors are made using high-quality paper and wood. The materials are first tested heavily to ensure that quality is high. The likeable thing about sonji doors is that you can get many different styles. And so, it is possible to find something easily if your goal is to pick a door that compliments a specific wall painting or theme.