Sliding Door Wardrobes

The variety of our Sliding Door Wardrobes is extensive and also the options that you are able to pick from are vast, such as how many doors, the colour of doors, along with the amount of panels per door.

Reinvented Spaces

The best use of corner space is always difficult; with these types of wardrobes you can take full advantage of increased storage space. Changing efficiency of unused corners of rooms, where the inside of the wardrobe has surprisingly large storage compartments to boost the look and practicality of the living space.

Corner wardrobe in all rooms

Corner wardrobes also fit well in a living room and perhaps into the hallway. If you need to find suitable furniture for a small room space and the room layout allows you, the choice is clear – a corner wardrobe. Saved unused corner of the room and you will be pleasantly surprised at how spacious your wardrobe is.

In a large room, the corner wardrobe creates a great impact on the general interior design and as such, a corner wardrobe is the most prominent feature in the room, so you must pay close attention to the material selection from which it is made.

Completely Built-in Wardrobes

Completely built-in wardrobes are without the carcass, using the boundary of the walls and their internal equipment mounted to walls, floor and ceiling – this solution is the most common and most economical option, since it saves lots of used material. The most commonly used built-in wardrobes are in the bedroom, but due to its functionality, it fits into any interior.

Partly Built-in Wardrobes

This type of wardrobe is finished usually on one side with a sideboard. According to customer requirements, this type of wardrobe can have some other parts of the carcass, such as the bottom, or both sideboards. Less often used is the backboard or top plate below the ceiling. Such wardrobes are a common choice, because you can exactly determine its dimensions.

Freestanding Wardrobes

Do you know that wardrobes can also nicely divide the living space? The solution is a freestanding wardrobe customized with a sliding door system. The wardrobe can be made with a complete corpus, and then it’s almost not built only for a specific area (such a wardrobe is also suitable if you are going to move into the future).

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