Sliding Doors

Sliding doors in the interior are used as an alternative to conventional doors. Sliding walls or sliding doors fulfil their functions perfectly; optically separate rooms, save space and light up the living space.

Frameless Wooden Sliding Door

Do you find that the frames on sliding doors are distractive elements? Do you like frameless doors, with simple, clean lines and solid areas that make the most of the material used to stand out?

Wooden sliding doors
Doors without a frame resemble classic interior doors. The doors use a sliding mechanism (an upper and bottom guide rail), which saves a significant degree of space.

Wooden sliding walls
The bottom guide wheels are hidden – milled into the bottom of the door. This solution is visually pleasing from both sides, so the doors can be used not only for wardrobes (dressers, cabinets), but also as sliding walls for dividing rooms, and as an entrance into a walk-in closet.

Frameless Sliding Door

Its mechanism is similar to the doors without the lower guide rail (the sliding door can be mounted to the wall or ceiling), but with the difference that the glass is not set into an aluminium frame.

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