British men are taking first place when it comes to how much money they spend on clothing. When it comes to hair, they are doing the same thing. Men are now heading in to have their locks look their best more than women are now that the tables have turned.

In the world of interior design, this increase in how men groom themselves is driving sales for walk-in wardrobes for men. It is easy to understand why this is so. After a morning shower, a quick breakfast, and a good strong cup of espresso, what could be better than to go a custom-made wardrobe and find everything in its place. For years, men in America have had dedicated closets. Now, the idea is catching on with the British male.

It is easy to see how nice it is to find a freshly ironed shirt on a pull-down hanging rail, or to complete the suit with rows of ties already waiting for him. Men want a place where all the things they own can be organized and carefully put away.

And, they want the storage furniture for their clothing to look great. Cutting edge detail in the form of smoked or mirrored glass on dark woods like Anthracite makes great wardrobes where everything from sweaters to socks can be neatly stored on island units. Shoes stay neatly lined up in drawers that are custom made. Next to overcoats and suits, there are pivoting mirrors that neatly slip away.

And, for the all important iPad case, sports bag, and briefcase, there are opens shelves and sets of drawers. To complete the design concept, a safe can even be included to store valuables such as passports for the man who has everything.

Our in-house experts whose design ideas range from a stone veneer to a luxurious look inspired by Italian designs cover your back with bespoke furniture.