What does every great closet have in common? The following five aspects:

1. Stylish flooring
When you walk into the closet, it should feel nice. That can be achieved by using a leaf rug or a lovely area rug. In case you want to go conventional, try adding beautiful hardwood flooring or attractive looking tiles. The options you have are endless. The only thing to keep in mind is that your closet should not have a dull floor.

2. Perfect lighting
With lighting, you can get as creative as you want. What you should make sure is that the lights expose the whole of your closest. No area should be devoid of light. Many people like to use lights that turn on automatically as soon as the closet door is opened. You can go that route, as well. In addition to that, to make the whole setting more attractive, be sure to use chandeliers that set the mood.

3. Dedicated shoe spaces
All of us have experience with throwing shoes after returning home from somewhere. Well, to be honest, that is fun, yeah! However, still, if you want to be organized, throwing your shoes is not the best idea. You want to have different spaces for each type of shoe. For example, flats should be kept separately from heels. Same goes with boots and wedges. Also, you should design your closet in such a way that the shoes that you wear daily, remain visible and accessible. It is alright to change the collection depending on the season, but the shoes you wear should always be in front.

4. Handbag and jewelry spots
It is not too much fun when you have to search every corner of the entire house to find your favorite jewelry. That is why the best closets have dedicated spaces for storing jewelries and handbags. While you want to keep jewelries toward the inside of the closet, your handbags are best kept in front. That is because bags are gorgeous! You may also wish to use jewelry boxes. That way you will not have to keep your jewelries bare.

5. Categorized clothing storage
While it is perfectly okay to put every piece of clothing in one spot, it is preferable to keep different clothes in various places. For example, your undergarments should not mix with your workout clothes. Your office suits should stay far away from your adventure attires. However, also keeping everything in an orderly manner not only makes your closet appealing, but also helps you save time when you have to leave the house quickly.