Basically, there are two types of storage that you can use in a room: freestanding storage units that can be bought in furniture stores and built-in custom wardrobes ideally known as fitted wardrobes. Freestanding storage may sound like a more convenient choice as all you need to do is buy the unit and have it delivered to your residence. However, that convenience will quickly become obsolete once you start to use the unit and this is where its weakness starts to come to life.

Fitted wardrobes, on the other hand, may take a while to install than their counterparts, but there are numerous benefits to using built-in storage including customization options, better utilization of space, more organised storage, ease of maintenance and more. If you have the skill and patience to perform the installation yourself, then you could save a significant amount of money and create the wardrobe of your choice. In this read, we are going to take a look at the ups and downs of taking the DIY route as well as the cost of fitted wardrobes.

The DIY Route With Fitted Wardrobes

There is an array of sizes, styles, shapes, and finishes for fitted wardrobes. The ability to style and design your own unit to suit your preferences and the available space is one of the enormous appeals for this type of closet.

With a vast number of fitted wardrobe businesses out there, how do you pick the best one? It’s certainly possible to fit your own unit, but you will need to be precise when measuring up.

Most fitting firms will provide a free consultation and design service which you can utilise in order to get and design and accurate dimensions. Once you’ve obtained the design and the precise dimensions, you can look around the Internet to see if you’ll come across a wardrobe that suits your requirements. The advantages of taking this approach are:

  • Leveraging a professional’s design capability for free is possible.
  • Chances are you are going to save a lot of money by installing the unit by yourself.

The downside to this approach is that it’s unlikely to achieve the perfect finish that you can expect from a professional. Other disadvantages worth mentioning include:

Compromising on quality to save money is not usually a good idea. Sometimes, it is best to pay the price and get a high-quality unit that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

As much as the measurements are precise, there are still chances of error, and you may have to cut down to size. If you’re really unlucky, the units that you buy will not fit the room available.
You will also need to be an enthusiastic DIY person with time to spare if you want to achieve excellent results.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you can take the DIY approach or hire an experienced professional.

Types of Fitted Wardrobes and Estimate Prices

There are various types and styles for fitted or built-in wardrobes to pick from. Depending on the room available, one type may be more suitable than the other. An excellent thing about going bespoke and having an expert construct one for you is that it can be whatever style you desire. You are not limited to the types and styles that you come across in the store online. That being said, here are a few common styles and budget prices for installation:

Three Doors Fitted Wardrobe

This one goes for around £2900 to £3200, and you can have a handcrafted bespoke one installed in your room. Appealing features include columns, drawers, and mouldings which will all affect the amount of money that you part with. You can also go with a less sophisticated design which will cost you less money.

Sliding Doors Fitted Wardrobe

This one has a contemporary and stylish design that will suit any room size. You can include mirrors on the front of the sliding doors in order to create the illusion of a bigger bedroom. A 3-section wardrobe of this type will take you back between £3200 and £4000 depending on the size as well as your choice of interior layout and finish.

Six Doors Wide Closet

This size is perfect for big bedrooms and comes in a standard 3800mm size. The unit consists of 3 sections that accommodate the clothes hanging space and drawers. The prices start at £5200 and will depend on the construction material, the interior and exterior finishes as well as the height of the unit.

Two Section Custom Built Wardrobe

This simple closet design will cost anywhere from £3800 and comes in an array of finishes.

Finding An Ideal Fitted Wardrobe Installation Expert

These types of wardrobes offer an excellent way to personalise your space and so, it makes sense to have the best possible. Since fitted wardrobes are part of the room structure and are somewhat permanent, you should not compromise on quality. The guide on price mentioned above is on the high side in order to help you budget accordingly. The only way to know how much a built-in wardrobe with your requirements will cost is to get a quote and the only way to get an accurate quote is by hiring a professional. There are several platforms out there where you can send your request for the service you require. Tradesmen then respond with various quotes based on the description you posted, or even offer to come and measure the space so that they can give a precise quote.

Another way to get these experts is by checking the reviews made by other clients on the internet, on each service provider’s profile. This will help you make an informed choice, but you should always take reviews on the Internet with a grain of salt as they are quite easy to manipulate. Another option would be to seek recommendations from people you know who have availed similar services. Friends, family, and co-workers can be excellent sources for providers who they deem trustworthy, professional and honest.