When we talk about wardrobes, we are taking into consideration certain things like furniture arrangement and mainly available space inside a room. Perhaps, you may have limited space and not all wardrobes would fit in your room. On the market are two basic types of available wardrobes that you can use: fitted wardrobes and freestanding wardrobes. Freestanding wardrobes can be bought in numerous furniture stores. It feels like hassle free shopping without to worry about delivery it to your home. However, there is a drawback that may bother you. Not all freestanding wardrobes are suitable for your limited room space compare to space saving features of fitted wardrobes.

On the other hand, fitted wardrobes have several advantages even if it turns out to be more time consuming to build. In this article we will pointed out some benefits of implementing fitted wardrobes into your interior design.

Space Friendly – Fitted wardrobe is more to be expected as custom-made furniture to better fit inside your available space. By using space from the bottom of the floor up to the upper ceiling, you can get extended storage area. In the opposite freestanding wardrobes cannot provide such large space. It only leaves a bit of place at the top and very likely unused space on each side. Of course, you can use that space on the top of your wardrobe but it won’t keep smooth aesthetic impression. Plus, it will expose your articles to the dust and any other unfriendly elements of the room. If you use fitted wardrobes, you will have more space what you can use it to store more apparels or belongings.

Personalization – Fitted wardrobe is a good choice if you need personalized and unique furniture. It is different from freestanding which may come in the same size and perhaps in similar design. Two houses may have the same freestanding furniture. On the other hand, fitted wardrobes can be personalized according to your preferences. That means in many causes you can design it by yourself. You can even customize it according your room theme. Very often you can also choose the materials to build your wardrobe from. But more importantly, the wardrobe can be customized according to the spaces available in your room. So, you don’t have a reason anymore to stay away from desired wardrobe.

Tidier Storage – Freestanding comes with limited number of shelves and rails. The other downside is that it is not organized to match your storage needs. Fitted wardrobes, in the contrast to freestanding wardrobes, can be built specifically in the way you want it. You can have specific numbers of shelves and rails to hang your shirts, shoes, and folded clothes. It makes easier to put in order your garments that always keep your storage tidy and organized well.