When it comes to the layout and design of your living space, you want to have an area that is both functional and beautiful. Not only is it important to take the overall setup in mind when decorating but it is equally as important that you pay close attention to your furniture selection. For the bedroom, the wardrobe selection can truly make or break the room and make a difference between a space that you simply sleep in or a place where you can spend time and feel as though the room is created to cater to your needs.

Have you been spending a great deal of time while thinking about the bedroom furniture that suits you best? Believe it or not, some people will shy away from fitted furniture simply because they are not sure of the best way to make it work. The truth is that this is an option that can be both affordable and simple just as long as you take the time to research what is right for your budget and needs. Whether you have a style that is rustic, luxury, contemporary, modern, or industrial, there is a fitted wardrobe that can exceed your expectations.

What Is A Fitted Wardrobe?

A fitted wardrobe is a stylish option when you want to have the ultimate storage solution. This is a type of wardrobe that is fitted for your bedroom, closet or dressing room from floor to ceiling to help you fully optimise space utilisation. Many people love to go with a fitted wardrobe because they come in a wide variety of heights and widths, allowing you to choose exactly all of the elements that you need.

Fitted Wardrobe Benefits

If you are thinking about getting a fitted wardrobe for your home, these are a few of the benefits that you could enjoy:

1. Custom Design

This type of fitted bedroom furniture can be made to your exact specifications whether you have a room that is oval, square or filled with a number of design challenges. Such a unique construction will allow you to fully accommodate for any space to get the most out of your storage options. You are in control of the interior and exterior, giving you the freedom to add in as many drawers, racks, hangers or shelves that you feel you need. Depending on your preferences, you can even make it into a unique space with a division for your better half.

2. Efficiency

Because you can customise a fitted wardrobe to your liking, you can completely maximise the way that the available space is used. These features can be installed anywhere you wish within your home, even in areas that would otherwise go unused, such as the space underneath your stairs.

3. Easy To Maintain And Clean

Most people find the process of cleaning a freestanding wardrobe to be frustrating and tiring. In many instances, you will have to stand up on a stool so that you can get into all of the top storage areas. You may also find that you are trying to clean out cobwebs and dust that accumulates in between the wall or ceiling and the freestanding wardrobe. All of these hassles go away when you have a custom fitted wardrobe in your home. This furniture fits the exact measurements ceiling to floor and wall to wall in the desired space in your home. What this means is that you are not going to have all of the added stress of trying to clean out all of the nooks and crannies.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing

More often than not, when you purchase a freestanding wardrobe, you are not going to have an exact match for your interior. When you take the time to design and build your very own fitted wardrobe, you will have all of the right elements to match the room of your choice. Some homeowners like to take this aesthetic benefit to a new level by choosing to design their fitted wardrobe as a feature or focal point in the space. This means using all of the fits, finishes, and fixtures to your advantage for an elegant result.

5. Infinite Storage Options

Of course, one of the major selling points of a fitted wardrobe will be the storage options. This is the perfect way to come up with the right way to store your clothing, blankets, bed sheets, accessories, and much more. You are not going to have to worry about trying to bring in a variety of freestanding storage options when you have all of the storage that you need in one convenient fitted wardrobe in your room. To make it even more versatile from a design standpoint, wardrobes can go beyond the bedroom or dressing areas and be installed in your family room or den to help you store anything you are wishing to have out of the line of vision for guests.

6. A True Investment

When you make the decision to go with a fitted wardrobe rather than a freestanding wardrobe, this actually turns into a tangible investment in your home. By simply selecting durable materials with excellent value for your fitted wardrobe, you have the added confidence in knowing that the piece will stand up to the test of time. Homeowners that invest in a beautifully designed fitted wardrobe that has been built in till enjoy the added value when they decide to sell the home at a later date. You are not going to have to worry at all about making this initial investment because you know that the right choices will lead you to countless benefits when you want to sell.

On reflection, the advantages that come with a fitted wardrobe installation are endless. This is an excellent way to make your life easier by allowing you to have the right amount of storage wherever you need it without ever compromising on style. When all is said and done, your new wardrobe will quickly turn into one of your favourite elements of your home and bring you many years of enjoyment.