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Give your wardrobe doors a new look

The Story

Does your wardrobe have an outdated look? Let us spruce it up by changing the door of your wardrobe only, leaving the interior intact.

If you have a custom made wardrobe and you feel tired of the same look of your wardrobe door. Or perhaps you’re interested in changing the general look of your room but you’re wondering if you’ll lose your shirt in the process? At London Wardrobes, we have a simple solution that can give your room a new look without sending you to the dog house. We can give your room a new look by simply changing the door of your wardrobe leaving the interior intact.

The Mission

Regardless of whether your wardrobe has hinged or a sliding door, we can help. Changing the door can be done in a couple of simple steps: First off, head off to our online catalog and select from the hundreds of designs available on our site (sliding door designs). In the cause, you prefer to add a more personal touch, or you want more involvement. Then you can make use of our London Wardrobes door designer to create your unique design from scratch.

Your Vision

The following step is to invite one of our designers to your home for a measure-up and put final design touches and detailing to your selection. Whole process will be done at no cost to you. After the design detailing, all you need do is relax, a fitter from our company will come and install your new custom-designed sliding wardrobe door.

Everything from start of the installation to final clean-up usually takes one day. Just one day to give your room that new facelift you desire.

Why not contact us for no obligation visit, book online or call our number: 0800 783 3383 to transform your room.

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