If you have a small bedroom you know how hard it can be to find space to arrange everything so that the room looks tidy – there is simply not enough space. One way you can achieve an elegant bedroom where everything is put away is to have fitted wardrobes installed. These are wardrobes that are bespoke – they are designed to match your needs exactly. Bespoke furniture can be designed in such a way that you get enough storage to keep all your items in a tidy manner. Here are just a few ideas that you can try.

  • If you have a lot of shoes and are wondering where they will go, all you need to do is get the fitted wardrobe company to design your wardrobe in such a way that you have more shoe racks. They can set aside a narrow space and put shelves all the way to the top so that there are many slots and you can store a pair of shoes in each.
  • Most women love their clothes and cannot bear to part with them. They end up accumulating so many clothing items that they cannot fit in the wardrobes. You can change this by getting a fitted wardrobe that has more rods. More rods mean you can have more hangers and all your clothes can fit.
  • If you have a tiny room that cannot accommodate a dresser you can change that with a fitted wardrobe. There are many that come with one or two rows of drawers at the bottom that can act as a dresser.
  • Suitcases are a bummer for many – where do you store them when you come back from holiday? One way to deal with suitcases is to have a custom wardrobe made that has space at the top where you can stash suitcases when you are not using them.

Should you install fitted wardrobes if you are renting?

This is a common question for many people and the answer is that it depends on how long you are renting for and what kind of agreement you have with your landlord. If you are staying in the house for a long time, it makes sense to install fitted wardrobes that meet your needs as well as your taste. That said, you should check with your landlord to see whether he allows alterations to be made on his property – he may be quite happy because fitted wardrobes increase its value!